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can it get any better?

This could totally be one of our cruise activities! My very own "Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter"!


It's crazy how far different my life is from what I expected/planned it to be.

my vcr for life

August is going to be the best month of my life.

Reasons: no more school ever, moving back to Colorado into our new house, fantastic trip to new york with the best people, wedding, and honeymoon.

Please fast forward now.
omg, am I still alive?

Life is good...but never fair

This past week I have been contemplating on what I want to accomplish in the years ahead. I feel the lack of structure has really been keeping me from becoming motivated. But as I make my mental list (finding a job I love by 25, having a kid and/or adopting late twenties, running away at 50, etcetera) I wonder should I really be this calculating? After all I am a big fan of going with the flow. But I feel that my life right now is stagnant with no flow to follow.

Red Rocks & Mt Evans

This past weekend Wesley's parents came to visit us. Friday we decided to go to Red Rocks to see the foothills. It turned out to be a much bigger adventure than expected. 

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first light

I love dawn in the summer time because it is so crisp and new.
I miss free summers...and I miss college somewhat. If only we could be young forever...

Body Worlds